If you would like to bring me something...

-Perfume & scents: Givenchy-Dahlia Noir

Vanilla, Lavender, Rose, Spice, Musk, Honey

 -Reading Material: Science Fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, photography books, magazines about culture, food, music, classic cars & motorcycles, tattoos and anything else you think might interest me.

 -Music: Mo-town, Soul, Rock, Punk, Hip- hop, Torch Songs, Rockabilly, Classic Country, Doo-wop and most music made before 1975.

 -Beverages: White wine, Rose, Champagne, Prosecco, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka

Fruit juices & Sodas are my preferred mixers if you would like to make drinks.

 -Treats: Chocolate (plain or with nuts, caramel or fruit, nothing too dark or salted), sour candy, fresh fruit, cupcakes, fruit tarts, eclairs, any fresh baked goods.

 -Clothing & Lingerie: Anything black, lace, dark blue, white, dark purple or red

Generally I wear a L or XL, anything that can accomodate a large bust and full hips.


Bust: 38 DDD or E for select items

Waist: 32

Hips: 46

Height: 5'8"

 All gifts are extremely appreciated and such a lovely surprise :-)