I love role-play, it's a fun way to escape our everyday lives and let our minds play in creative sensuality. Below are a few ideas but feel free to propose any ideas for scenes you might have...



 I work in your office, you have to see me five days a week. Everyday you can't help but let your gaze fall from my full pouty lips, to my ample bustline, allll the way down past my round bottom and ultra feminine hips to my lusciously thick and milky thighs and toned calves. You catch a glimpse of my garters under my skirt and can't help but think how much fun it would be to bend me over your desk and have your way with me. Maybe a little teasing and spanking just to make sure I remember who's boss?



 You report to my office every day and it always makes you nervous. But sometimes when you see me sitting at my desk, tall, poised, and calculating you get a little excited as well.  You can hear your heart beating and your pants get a little tighter as you gaze upon my stocking and heel clad legs. You want nothing more than to please me.  Maybe you have been slacking off at work and you need to show me why I should keep you around?



 I'm home alone on a Saturday night and I decide to order in. When you show up at my door I realize that I don't have any cash. I invite you in so that we can "work out a deal." Or I can be the delivery girl!



 You've been a bad boy and it's time to pay. You're always acting up in class and making innapropriate remarks. This time you've gone too far and we're going to have a private detention so that I can teach you a lesson.  You better cooperate or this is going on your permanent record. 


 I'm always talking in class and wearing too short of skirts. Whenever you confront me I give you attitude and try to make you uncomfortable by making flirty comments. Maybe it's about time you taught me a lesson and reminded me how lucky I am that I'm in your class


 Other ideas: Mean mommy, seductive therapist, real estate agent, pool boy/gardener...